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different. jon: my right knee is my bad knee. jenna: i can see you on "dancing with the stars." jon: they haven't called yet. jenna: you've got to get on that. thank you for joining us everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: we are learning about a new possible federal policy change, yet another one on illegal immigration. one that looks like it asks police officers to give some illegal immigrants a free pass. that's where we begin "america live." hi, everybody i'm megyn kelly. megyn: this has been an evolving thing we've been watching closely. here is how the latest policy change would work. if police pulled someone over for a traffic stop and discovered they are in the country illega illegally the poe would be forced to let that person go without calling
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federal agents, unless that individual is already a convicted felon. critics, not surprisingly, are already blasting the proposal. trace gallagher has the details live from our west coast newsroom. trace, here we go again. >> reporter: hey, megyn, the reason the critics are blasting this proposal is because if it is in fact adopted it would amount to a catch and release program. just so we all know what we are talking about here i want to put this draft proposal up on the screen so we can read along . this is the proposal and i'm quoting here, it says as a general matter immigration officers should not issue detainers against an alien charged only with a traffic-related misdemeanor unless or until that alien is convicted. if you're a cop and you pull somebody over and you find out they are in fact in this country illegally you just let them go. you can't even call the feds about them. now critics say this means that illegals would soon know that
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they can drive the streets without any fear of being deported. so what we did is we called ice, because clearly we had them on speed dial. they sent us this response, it says and i'm quoting, this administration is committed to smart, effective immigration reform, prioritizing the arrest and removal of criminal aliens and those who pose a danger to national security. now, it goes without saying, those who were in favor of the arizona law against illegal immigration 1070, they are furious about this. now i want to show you a quote from somebody who was against arizona law 1070. it is santa cruz, arizona county sheriff and his name is tony estrada. he was against 1070. here is what he says about the late is proposal. he says and i'm kwoegt, it's surprising they would make that decision. i would suspect that once an individual is identified as being here illegally some
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process would kick in that would deport that person. that would not be the case. we have senator john kronyen and jon kyl saying it circumvents general law. we have got not got a response from dms. if we get it from ice we will bring you more on the proposed policy. megyn: they made no secret of the priority of going after the exiting kraeupls, the illegals that have committed crimes. this is something that is very different. is making that a priority the same as completely giving a free pass to all illegals who haven't committed a crime. more and more we are inching towards that place. trace gallagher watching it closely. we await further comment, ice, homeland security, anybody. another fox news alert. we have now confirmed that iran is planning to release one of the three american hikers it has been holding for more than a year.
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right now we do not know which hiker will supposedly be set free this saturday. we just talked to the family of josh patal, that is josh on the right in this picture. they told us they are waiting for word as well right now. can you imagine what the parents are going through at this moment wondering which of the children it is that will be released. which of their children. the three were taken in custody in july of 2009 while they were hike along the iraq-iran border. they were said by iran to have wandered into iran and were held captive every since. a new possible nuclear site uncovered in iran. there is evidence of a facility being built 80 miles west of tehran. they claim to have shared the information with our government. so far the cia is not confirming the site's existence. our jennifer griffin is talking with folks at the pentagon about
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this. she will join us live in a bit. fox news alert the latest damage report from the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history. the scope of the devastation now unimaginable. a staggering 169 homes burned to the ground. look at these pictures. somebody lived here. at least 35,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, even some firefighters couldn't save their own property. >> i stood on this fire and watched firefighters save their neighbors go and watched theirs go, and that's pretty dam hard. >> we looked on the list today, and it is destroyed, it's gone. >> all we wanted was information, better information than what they are giving us. >> we hope tonight to find out if it was destroyed or damaged or if it's still standing. megyn: firefighters say the fire is just 30% contained. i mean just look at these
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pictures. this is somebody's big, beautiful home just reduced to ashes. they say however the strong within may kick up the sparks and could still spread the flames further. we've got a reporter there, folks, we'll get to her a bit later. well, some stark new warnings today on our growing national debt. just yesterday we showed you how secretary of state clinton was saying that our massive debt poses a national security threat, because it limits our clout and she said con strains us where we shouldn't be constrained. in other words, dealing with people, you could assume countries like china. now the world economic forum is saying this our large deficits and weakened financial system have indeed made us less competitive to give us an idea the u.s. national debt has increased by 26% just since president obama took office. here with us now stu varney anchor of varney & company on the fox business network.
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we've added almost $3 trillion since president obama took office. it was around 10, now it's 13. we added 3 trillion in 18 1/2 months, stu. the alarm bells are announcing domestically and internationally. >> reporter: this is all about debt, that accounts largely for our slipping to number four on the world competitiveness. remember we are adding more than a hundred billion dollars every month to our outstanding national debt. as i said the rest of the world is watching. up until 2008 we were number one on the world competitive list out of 139 countries, number one. now we are number 4. and the reason we've slipped is because of our deficits, the outstanding debt and because of what they call a loss of faith in our financial institutions. it actually is worse than that. because they have different lists of standings in different categories. if you look at the category for
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economic stability we, america, are number 87 if you can believe it. >> who is above us? >> reporter: a lot of countries, okay, almost all the europeans above us. number 87. why are we so low down? the organizers of this survey say our government's wasteful spending and government medling in our economy. megyn: who comes up with this diagnosis? >> reporter: this is the world economic forum. based in geneva, they are indeed primarily european. megyn: they are criticizing our spending and government medling. >> reporter: times change do they not? megyn: it sounds like a talking point out of the republican party. >> reporter: it's the europeans and the asian business people and north american business people, 13,000 business people take part in this survey every year. they've been doing it for many, many years. 4 competitive, 87 for stability. as i said the world is watching us. you mentioned secretary of state hillary clinton in the intro there. to some degree she was lecturing
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president obama on the difficulties of a country that goes into serious debt. she is saying, if you don't have the bucks you don't have the clout. megyn: it's tough to negotiate with people to whom we are so deeply indebted from a position of strength. all right, stu interesting and a little sad. the president is talking about big ideas for saving the economy and trying to get us back up on the top of that list. why is he getting the big brush off from some top democrats, the guys who are supposed to be on his team? we'll put that question to pennsylvania governorred rendell what he joins us live at the bottom of the hour. the imam behind the plans to build that mosque at ground zero faces the calm are for the first time in months. some of his remarks some say sound like a direct theft. deborah burlinggamu lost her
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brother, one of the pilots that came down that day. her powerful reaction to the imam's warning, live right after this break. >> how far is far enough away, two blocks, four blocks, ten blocks? when it comes to this imam there isn't a place far enough. [applause] the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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megyn: for the first time in months yesterday the imam behind the proposed mosque near ground zero faced the cameras. if he was hoping to temp downey motions he failed. when asked about possibly moving the mosque to a place away from ground zero he said this ... >> if we move from that location the story will be that the radicals have taken over the
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discourse. the headlines in the muslim world will be that islam is under attack. if we don't do this right, anger will explode in the muslim world. megyn: deborah burlingame ace the cofounder of 9/11 families for a safe and strong america. her brother charles was the pilot of american airlines flight 77 which crashed into the pentagon on september 11th 2001. she is my guest now. deborah, you heard those remarks and you said you heard in them a threat and something that amounts to extortion. how so? >> yes, well basically what he said is that the radicals have taken over. who are the radicals he's referring to? we now have 72% of the american people led by 9/11 families saying this is insensitive, please don't do this. essentially what he is saying is we, 9/11 families are the radicals that will be inflaming the muslim world.
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and if you force us into such a move you, 9/11 families are putting american troops, american travelers all over the world, and our embassies, he referred to it as a big footprint, meaning big target in jeopardy. and that is basically an ultimatum as far as i'm concerned. he's basically hoping that we'll care more about our troops abroad, and innocent americans than having this mosque on top of where 3,000 people died. it is a form of extortion. and think about it, megyn if he gets his way and we knuckle under to this when will it end? he will have his embassy on top of ground zero and he can continue basically saying, in terms of domestic and foreign policy, do what i want, do what we say or the fanatics will take over and make you pay. i think this is making a bargain with the develop and we're not going to do it. megyn: let me ask you this. because what he says is if we do it, if we move the location the
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story will be the radicals have taken over. the headlines in the muslim world will be islam is under attack. could that be true? >> well, who is driving the headlines? i happen to know that the arab world the muslim world, all of the world, really is following this story very closely. and who is driving this narrative? his wife went on you and said when asked about the vast majority of americans, what's at work here and she says this is beyond islam tpoeb yeah -- islamaphobias. so, they are driving the headlines and then complaining them. it's kind of like the kid who kills his parents and says have mercy upon me i'm an or fan. megyn: are you disturbed about the language he used, if we don't do this right anger will explode in the muslim world.
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there's already been buzz about the use of that word in particular, explode in reference to the reaction we can expect if this mosque gets moved. >> of course. remember, this is a smart man, he's a communicator by profession. he uses words very carefully. and when he says i'm building bridges, and then he talks about explosions, what image does that conjure up? i think this is highly inflammatory. he was very careful to connect the dots for those who were some thick to see what he was saying. he invoked the danish cartoons controversy in which 50 people were killed in riots in pakistan. let's note for the record here that the danish cartoons that were printed garnered no controversy at the time, it was the spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood months later who brought that onto al-jazeera
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and gined it up. i think that is exactly what this man is doing, feisal abdul rauf who caused that leader the widest known leader in the muslim world. megyn: that area, not just the footprint of ground zero is considered by many, including family members of the victims to be sacred ground and he said, and i'm quoting in response, you cannot say a place that has strip clubs is sacred ground, referring to, you know, some of the seed deareas around the footprint of the ground zero buildings. your reaction to that? >> i couldn't believe that a man who is professing to want to reach out and create healing would say such a thing. where was he on 9/11? the families didn't choose where their loved ones were ripped to pieces. the family didn't choose where 20,000 body parts landed. and, yes, all over lower manhattan. we didn't pick a church for
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their destruction. so that is an outrageous statement, let's remember 20,000 body parts in the hudson river, all over 20,000 body parts. and another thing he said last night, megyn, was with respect to the building where a piece of the aircraft gear landed and destroyed the roof of that building. he said that there were no bodies found there. i'd like to remind the imam and his supporters that there were only 293 bodies found and when i say bodies i mean that in a very loose description. megyn: right. >> 1100 families didn't get any remains at all, much less a body. almost 16,000 body parts were never, never identified, they were just so destroyed dna technology couldn't find them, and they will be brought back to that site and left in a repository at ground zero. for him to suggest that you needed a whole even tact --
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intact body for that to be sacred in that building is outrageous. i'd also like to remind viewers that all along park place where that building is, all those buildings were damaged. none of them were searched. we don't know what remains are in that building because the upper floors are not used right now have been condemned. megyn: i want to ask you lastly, we've reached out and are still reaching out to the 9/11 families and he's still hoping to get the support of those families for this mosque. >> he's got to be kidding. i've said it before, you don't punch someone in the face and say i want to help you. he's insulted them beyond all reason. and now we don't trust him because of thinks connections to hamas, his connections to the shady investor who gave to the holy land foundation which was entirely put out of business and the biggest material support trial the justice department has ever seen. the lies about funding, his own record as a slum lord and tax
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fraud now. this man has dirty hands now in addition to being untrustworthy. and we think if we give into this kind of ultimatum and extortion that we will be putting in place an ambassador, he will view himself as an ambassador of the muslim world and the threats and intimidation will be unending. not only for this president and this state department but for future presidents, so no we can't give in now. megyn: deborah pweur link game i know charles would have celebrated his 60th birthday on this sunday, right september 12th. >> september 12th. megyn: so all the best to you and your family as you face yet another 9/11 this weekend. we'll be thinking about you, our hearts go tout ou. >> thank you. megyn: this mosque debate is raising concerns about angry politics coming into play this september 11th. there is a protest scheduled to take place against the mosque near ground zero which is scheduled for this saturday. which is tphao*eup. it features our next guest who
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is in the middle of it all. ambassador john bolton insurance joins us live to explain why this protest, and why on this day. can i have some ice cream please ? no, it's just for new people. hey ! chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry ? chocolate ! chocolate it is ! yeah but i'm new too. umm... he's new... er... than you. even kids know it's wrong to treat new friends better than old friends. at ally bank we treat all our customers fairly. with no teaser rates... ... and no minimum deposits. it's just the right thing to do.
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megyn: she will not take no for an answer. alaska senator lisa murkowski reportedly getting ready to step back into the ring, this time as an independent candidate for senate. you may remember that lisa murkowski conceded to tea party candidate joe miller in the state's head heated republican primary. lisa murkowski expected to make an official announcement of her run within the next two few days. the news not sitting well with republicans who have thrown their whole support behind their
1:26 pm
nominee, miller. some parents in iowa are upset about a new policy at one school instructing parents to help their children memorize four-digit pim numbers in use at the lunch counter. it's all about encouraging better diets. some critics say it's big brother in the cafeteria. trace gallagher has live news from the newsroom. >> reporter: you have to memory rice that four-digit pin number before you get lunch. it applies to kids as young as 5 years old. you go into the cafeteria, you pick what you want and when you pay for it you give the cashier your pim number and they record what you buy and then check those choices against a state nutritional guideline system. well the school is in essence maintaining a database of what kids eat. parents are not happy because one they say their five-year-old should not have to memorize a pi tpheurbgs number, and two they say, what business is it of the schools to monitor what my kids
1:27 pm
eat? we had a lengthy conversation with the superintendent who said, oh, yes, we are recording what the kids eat but not monitoring them. there is a difference, listen. >> as a parent, i'm interested in what our children are eating and consuming for lunch. you can use our system that is in place to monitor that as a parent. as a school district we are not interested in what individual students are consuming. >> reporter: the school says it's simply replacing the old card system with the new pin system, but the clear effort here is to target childhood obesity. a lot of parents are concerned, megyn when they get all this data they'll start focusing on studying on overweight and obese kids and guide those kids without the parents knowledge, that's the concern. megyn: i think it will be tough to judge which kid applies to which pin number. you're going to get a lot of this, 1, 2, 3, 4?
1:28 pm
1, 1, 1, 1,. >> reporter: you must have red my pin number, that's what mine was. megyn: president obama coming out swinging on the stump with new economic proposals. some democrats running in the midterms are run the other way. what does that mean? we'll ask pennsylvania democratic governor ed rendell. mexican drug cartels growing pot in our own backyard. coming up we'll find out why they are leaving their home turf and setting up farms in the united states. adam housley gives us a firsthand look at what happens when these guys get busted by the feds. yes, that is adam. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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1:33 pm
birthday today. kyron horman vanished back in june. police have focused on his step-mother but have made no arrests in connection with kyron's disappearance. well there are new reports out of washington today of a rift among rank-and-file democrats, some of them none too supportive of president obama's economic plans. why are some of them distance themselves from the white house so close to the elections. ed rendell is the governor of pennsylvania and my guest. thank you so much for being here. >> my pleasure. megyn: you have several senators as of today, kent conrad is a democrat. evan bayh. joe lieberman, ben nelson say they support extending the bush tax cuts including for the wealthiest americans at least for the next year or two, something president obama has said he will not do. that's just the senators. if i went to the list of congressman saying that it would
1:34 pm
be longer. why this split in the party? >> i think many politicians, republican and democratic alike are afraid to do anything that smacks of a tax increase, and yet i think the american people overwhelmingly support eliminating the tax cuts on the wealthiest americans. you know, this idea that it's going to hurt the economy to take the top 2% of americans and eliminate the bush tax cuts for them, that's crazy. when president clinton raised taxes on the top 2% of american wage easterners in 1993 in his first budget that set off a period of economic growth that was the best in the century. 23 1/2 million jobs produced. it makes no sense these arguments. i think politicians are scared to do anything, even if the public supports it they are afraid to do anything that says we are increasing your taxes or making you pay more taxes. megyn: one of the arguments you hear to respond to that, from the other side is that, well times are different than 1993. we are in a major recession
1:35 pm
right now, and we need -- >> we were in a very significant recession, you're probably too young to remember that. megyn: actually, i was a college graduate right around then, so i remember the economy, it was better in 93 and it was in 92 and 91, i remember that distinctly. but let me ask you this, governor the response is that even if we take away the tax cuts for the so-called richest americans it will hurt -- the number put on it was 750,000 small business owners in particular, nearly a million small business owners are going to get hit and they suggest that will lead to layoffs or at least to not hiring by those employers. >> that is hooey are. almost no small business owner in pennsylvania is in the top 2% of wage easterners in america, that is flat out hooey. megyn: i guess we'll leave it at that. it could, however, even if it's hooey or not be leading to a showdown between the congress and the president, oddly even though the democrats control the house and senate because you have so many democrats in an
1:36 pm
election year coming out and saying i'm not voting to raise taxes on anybody eight weeks before the midterms. could we have a situation where the congress actually winds up voting to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody and president obama then has to veto that? >> well, that's possible, but it's also possible that they'll be a compromise, something along the lines of what former budget director orzag proposed to let the tax cuts on the top 2% remain for a year, or a year and a half or two years and then phase them in. i think that is a potential result here. let me say one other thing, margaret. i would love all of the democrats and republicans too to concentrate on other parts of the president's economic recovery plan, for example the small business bill, you know, republicans are always anxious to say they support small business, but the president has a bill that is totally paid for, that would put $30 billion are new lending into small businesses, and would eliminate
1:37 pm
capital gains taxes for small businesses. that's a great small business bill. the republicans in the senate are holding it up and are threatening filibuster so we can't get a vote on it. let's get together and pass that bill. let's agree on the things that we can agree 0 and get something going in this country or else we're going to crater. megyn: the response from the other side, substantively they may take issue with the way you layout that bill. the republicans haven't been very good about -- they haven't been good about defining their opposition to the particular plan, the $30 billion to helping the small businesses. they do object to 50 billion and the other proposals that the president proposed this week. their blanket objection seems to be, this is politics, why now, it's a few weeks before the midterms, why this sudden focus on the economy when people have been bleeding jobs for months, and now suddenly as my mom used to say lack of planning on your
1:38 pm
part does not justify an emergency on my part. >> first of all that is not even consistent with the facts. the small business bill has been in the hopper for several months before right now. it should have been passed over the summer, no if's, ands or buts about it. that's all baloney. the reason they are against it is politics, it's because they don't want to pass anything that would make it look like we are doing something to help the economy. look, it's paid for, and paid for in a reasonable way by taking away tax breaks of american companies who are off shoring jobs. the american people are overwhelmingly in favor of that. let's get done what we can get done, because i've also heard the republicans say we're not going to do anything in the lame lame-duck session. are we going to put all this stuff off until late january or late february of next year, margaret that is unacceptable to americans. megyn: it's actually megyn. >> excuse me, megyn. it's unacceptable to americans and it ought to be unacceptable to you, megyn. megyn: he pointed to this
1:39 pm
$50 billion infrastructure plan the white house doesn't want to call it a stimulus but the other side says it is a stimulus, they say look we already gave over $800 billion in stimulus in particular to help with transportation and so-called shovel ready projects and it didn't work, it didn't do what the white house promised it would do. it didn't keep unemployment between 8%. a lot of money is still in the covers, we are still hemorrhaging jobs and we don't want to throw good money after bad. >> let me response to those. you had a number of things. first of all it has worked. in pennsylvania on june 30th we were able to track 12,200 people were working on road and bridge prope projects solely fuy stimulus, that's on the construction sites and asphalt and concrete factories. megyn: is that including live touch. >> no that is totally funded by
1:40 pm
stimulus. james inoff one of the most conservative members of the congress, he teamed up with barbara boxer, they tried to triple the infrastructure money in the initial stimulus. megyn: the president said if we pass that stimulus project, the money that we'd keep employment to less than 8%. here we are at 9.6%. >> that was a mistake. of course the cbo which republicans think is great when it supports them. the cb orbg has said that the stimulus may have kept unemployment from rising by over a point and a half and that's the cbo, the nonpartisan cbo. i think the infrastructure part of the stimulus has been the most successful part and we have republicans who said we should have spent more money on infrastructure and i agree with them. it's the one that works. people can see the bridges being repaired, the roads being repaved, new projects going, water systems being street stphepbd. megyn: can they really? or do they just see a lot of their neighbors unemploy
1:41 pm
unemployed. >> if they see their neighbors under employed that's one thing. but if they open their eyes they'll see all these projects. megyn: we talk to governors from every state here at "america live" and i can tell you sir the picture is not that rosy elsewhere. >> not one state has turned down the infrastructure money. megyn: there is a question about whether it's fiscally sound. >> if it isn't fiscally found they shouldn't be taking it. megyn: thank you for coming on, we appreciate it all the best. >> thanks, megyn, sorry breaking news, robert gibbs has commented on this controversy over the planned burning of the koran at a florida church it's a fridge group this september 11th. pastor terry jones says he may cancel the event if he gets a call from the white house. here is what the press secretary said moments ago.
1:42 pm
>> robert will the white house reach out directly to terry jones and request that the koran burning not take place? >> i think there are discussions inside of the government about the possibility of doing that, i don't know that a final decision has been reached on that, if anything does happen we will certainly keep you up to date and up to speed on who might be called -- who might call and what was said. >> what kinds of things -- megyn: we'll have a live report from the white house on this breaking news, to put it in some more context for you just ahead. the mosque plan for near ground zero sparking planned protests like this one. this one -- the next one is planned for the actual anniversary september 11th. coming up ambassador john bolton tells us about the role he was playing in one rally that is already getting him a lot of flack. plus, brittany spears accused of
1:43 pm
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megyn: there are new concerns today over plans to protest the mosque that is get to be built near ground zero on september 11th, the protests will take place on september 11th which is causing some folks upset. one group that opposes the project is getting a lot of a tense for its planned rally, which features my next guest, john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor. ambassador, the deal is they are going to protest the building of this mosque and they are going to do it on 9/11 and some of the
1:47 pm
families from 9/11 say please don't make this day about politics, do it but do it on another day. you are not sponsoring the protest but you are speaking via video to the protesters and that as well has upset some of these 9/11 family memorandum worse. -- members, to them you say what. >> reporter: i think it's of great concern that the 9/11 families or who we want to remember in particular on 9/11 as well as the firefighters and police and our military as well, but i think what brings them together is nearly unanimous opposition to the mosque. and i think that i wish they weren't intact particular cal disagreement over with, i know how strongly some of them feel. but i think it's appropriate. 9/11 belongs to all americans, and i think the public opinion polls show overwhelming opposition to the ground zero mosque. megyn: you're right about the opposition polls, but nonetheless the 9/11 family
1:48 pm
members seem split on whether 9/11 is the day to make a political statement about this mosque. and they are putting pressure not just on the groups not to do it but on the people scheduled to speak. andrew right bart is reportedly scheduled to speak via video. you via video, and newt gingrich was supposed to speak, he withdrew, perhaps under pressure from these groups. we don't know his reasoning. have you given any thought withdrawing? >> reporter: i taped my remarks several weeks ago, and, you know, i'm not aware of any political pressure on anybody. i don't view this rally as a political event, i view it, because 9/11 families are involved in it as a memorial, a tribute to the victims of 9/11, and statements of opposition to this ground zero mosque. megyn: you know, ambassador i heard you express some political aspirations recently, and confirm or deny, you are potentially interested in
1:49 pm
running for president of the united states. >> reporter: i am thinking about it because i do think it's important that the national political discourse have more focus on national security. but i have not made any decision at all, and i think anything like that really should wait past this election in november. megyn: how could you do it, ambassador? you, you, the polar rice -gs u.n. guy, the guy the democrats won't even approve, you had to be a recess approval, you were so awful. wasn't there someone who cried on the floor over you. how are you going to get votes for president. >> reporter: we'll have to see how it goes. i'm certainly not a politician, that's true, i've never run for elected office. i think the importance of national security has not been given the attention that it deserves in this administration. i obviously understand we've got very difficult economic circumstances, but the current administration isn't making those any better either. so i think there is a lot to
1:50 pm
talk about. megyn: i have to ask you before i let you go about this imam speaking out about the mosque yesterday publicly saying, now he says our national security, speaking of which, our national security now hinges on this mosque going up exactly where it's planned to go up. your thoughts? >> reporter: you know, i think this man's earlier statements paint him pretty clearly as an extremist, and i saw those remarks as pretty close to extortion. i think if he wants to reach out and enhance interest tere faith understanding he shouldn't be saying in effect, my way or the highway. megyn: all right, ambassador john bolton, what do you think, president bolton, does it have a nice ring for you? let me know, thank you so much, sir. >> reporter: thank you. megyn: back now to our breaking news the white house telling us moments ago that discussions are going on about whether to call this guy, the head of a fringe group who plans to burn copies of the koran this saturday.
1:51 pm
there is worry of course about backlash against u.s. citizens and our troops around the world. we'll have a live report from the white house just ahead. don't go away.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
megyn: a mexican drug gang is dealing with the difficulty of smuggling their product over the border. instead they are moving their operations north to u.s. soil, growing marijuana right here. the cartels apparently guard their pot farms with dunn man and all kinds of booby traps. our own adam housley got the kaotess -- coolest assignment ever riding along with the national guard, and i believe we see you jumping out of a helicopter. >> reporter: very true. these farms are spreading throughout the country, a very
1:55 pm
dangerous situation. we had a chance to go along dropping in from one hundred feet by the california air national guard. hundreds of feet above the tree tops california's air national guard gets a bird's-eye view of a growing marijuana problem plaguing our public land. >> large amounts of marijuana grows on public lands throughout the state of california. it's a very prevalent issue oftentimes taking up entire hillsides. >> reporter: the only way in is to hike or by atv. that's why the air national guards are so important, they can who is law enforcement in from a couple hundred feet, and today we go along for the ride. once on the ground agents first secure the area, dealing with thick brush, dangerous terrain and even booby traps set by the cartels. then the back-breaking work begins. plant by plant they work their way down the rows yanking
1:56 pm
several thousand plants out by the roots, then piling them up and hoisting them out. >> if we didn't have the helicopter we never could have found this. you couldn't just drive down the dirt road down here and locate this. >> reporter: once the area is secure and the dope is out the way out is the same as the way in, straight up. at $2,000 or more a plant the street value of today's haul in excess of $2 million. take this into consideration, there have been pot farms found in 16 states on federal coress land and here in california 75% of the pot seized last year was on public land, megyn. megyn: adam, thank you. outrage around the globe over this pastor's plan to burn the koran on 9/11. the white house is now considering calling this guy. the president weighed in on the issue earlier. we'll have a live report from the white house three minutes away. plus, what is the best way to fix the economy? is it raise taxes, cut spending? we've got a fair & balanced debate with two of the top guys
1:57 pm
from the republican and democratic national committees, and this is going to get interesting. and sex behind bars is supposed to be illegal so why is one sheriff in one major city now handing out condoms in jail? stay tuned.
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
2:00 pm
megyn: fox news alert. the leader of the free world could pick up the phone and personally call the man who plans to burn the koran this weekend. breaking right now in an unbelievable hour of "america live." i'm megyn kelly. the self-proclaimed pastor dead set on torching a pile of islamic holy books on september 11. but there is word that u.s. troops and americans to pay with their lives. if he does this, the white house might reach out. >> there are discussions inside of the government about the
2:01 pm
possibility of doing that. i don't know if a final decision has been reached on that. if anything does happen we'll certainly keep you up to date on who might be called -- who might call and what was said. megyn: what would you advise the president to do under this circumstance. the state department has just issued a worldwide travel warning for americans anticipating anger and outrage if jones goes through with his threat. mike emanuel is live at the white house where the stakes are very high and very bizarre. what are they saying? >> a great deal of concern between robert gibbs at the white house and geoff morrell at the pentagon. there are concerns about the potential backlash. gibbs tried to give context a
2:02 pm
few moments ago about this church in florida with 50 parishoners. there are more people attending his news conferences than go to his church. >> judging from the publicity that this individual is attracting, i doubt it is hard for him to have missed the commander in afghanistan, the former commander in iraq, and the commander in chief all discussing the potential impacts of troops that we have deployed throughout the world that are in harm's way protecting the religious freedoms we all enjoy. as the president suggested i think there is no doubt this should and could be seen as nothing less than a big recruiting bonanza for al qaeda. >> reporter: it' not clear who
2:03 pm
would call pastor terry jones. the white house and the pentagon say those discussions are underway. it sounds like jim jones is talking with security officials to see who might best make the call. megyn: there is concern about the lives of average american citizens around the world. this is such a bizarre situation. you have one guy who according to his family is running a cult in florida who is going to do this incendiary thing. now the white house has to make a decision whether they speak this nut case and try and tamp this thing down or whether they choose some other alternative that may not stop him from doing this. >> robert gibbs was critical of some of the other networks that cammed in front of his church elevating his stature. p.j. crowley told me there are
2:04 pm
messages going out to select embassies around the world telling them to be village lent. they are concerned about average americans who may be living and working around the world or simply on vacation, megyn. megyn: have they revealed anything about possibly using a former president, some ambassador, some emissary that the white house may call on to make a phone call to talk him off a ledge as opposed to our commander-in-chief? >> reporter: robert gibbs was asked if there was outreach to former president george w. bush. he didn't get into a lot of detail. he didn't have the details or didn't want to spill the beans. but they seem to be looking at all options to try to stop this guy from doing something that will be perceived as very harmful around the world. megyn: mike emanuel, what would you want to see happen here?
2:05 pm
mike will continue monitoring the news as it breaks in washington on this. another fox news alert. the u.s. state department says it does not know what iran is contemplating right now with respect to tease reports on the possible release of three u.s. hikers. fox news confirmed iran is saying one of the american hikers being held in iran will be released. they have been held for over a year. it was july of '09 they were taken into captivity. we don't know who, which one of these they intoantd release. three u.s. nationals in jail in iran accused of being u.s. spies, accused of basically crossing over into the border of iran after hiking in iraq, not allowed any contact with the outside world, and we don't know who will be freed. we are told it is expected to happen around 1:00 a.m. saturday morning.
2:06 pm
the latest when we get it right here on "america live." new claims iran is building yet another secret nuclear facility. the iran policy committee announcing it has evidence iran has a second nuclear enrichment site outside of tehran. >> reporter: this iranian opposition group is well known. they have been right in the path. they have also been wrong. they made the stung allegation that proved to be correct, back in 2002, when they revealed there was a secret enrichment site. that caught the u.s. intelligence communities as well agent iaea flat footed. they revealed they found a site 80 miles west of the iran. they reveal satellite images they say show 200-yard long tunnels dug into the mountains. they claim this facet is used to
2:07 pm
even rich uranium. but they say they have no evidence centrifuges have been moved into place. it's known as facility 311. >> a huge underground site built under the tunnels, huge unde underground the enrichment program'for peaceful purposes. >> reporter: the group says they have been watching this tunnel facility be built for the past five years. u.s. intelligence officials tell us they have no confirmation that this facility is in fact part of a secret nuclear program. they are look at it, but right now, no confirmation from u.s. officials. megyn: u.s. marine commanders come together rescue off the coast of somalia storming a
2:08 pm
german-owned ship taken by pirates. the navy not saying too much about the tactics used. u.s. and allied warships have been patrolling the water off the coast for months following a spike in pirate attacks. in san francisco, a sheriff is installing condom machines in the san francisco county jail. sex behind bars is illegal. so what is the sheriff doing and what is he saying about this? trace gallagher, live in our west coast newsroom. sometimes you don't get shocked out of story from san francisco. even this one raises eyebrows. >> reporter: there are 650 inmates and it has 16 condom machines. they say it will help stop the
2:09 pm
spread of hiv. this promotes sex and pro motors coercive sex. the sheriff says yes it's controversial, but this is a larger education. this is not the sheriff who said sell not fingerprint illegal immigrants. it's important to note, megyn, while the feds are negotiating with this sheriff for ignoring the laws, they are suing the other famous sheriff out here, joe arpaio in maricopa county for enforcing the laws. i don't know this, but my guess is the condom machines in sheriff joe's jails not coming down the pike anytime soon. megyn: unbelievable.
2:10 pm
democrats on the campaign trails talking less about issues and more about the tea party. warning voters to be very afraid. michael reagan and the effort to demonize that political group. one town using google earth to nab people on not paying taxes on swimming pools. she shaved her head, went postal on the paparazzi, and even took a shot at yours truly. but today britney may have done it again and topped even herself. the lawsuit in "kelly's court."
2:11 pm
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2:14 pm
megyn: the number of americans filing for unemployment plunge last week by 27,000 to 451,000. that is the lowest level in two months. but economists say new jobless claims are much higher than they would be if the economy were healthy. reports from the campaign trail that apparently fdr was wrong. the only thing we have to fear is the tea party. some democratic candidates focusing less on the issues and more and more on the new political movement sweeping the nation. warning constituents on the left about the horrifying possibility of a tea party congress next year. michael reagan is chairman of the reagan group. he has thoughts on it. they say this message is working for them. they are telling their voters, we are not talk about run-of-the-mill republicans, we are talking about scary far right fringy tea partyers.
2:15 pm
they say that's working for them and getting democrats motivated. >> when you don't have the issues on your side, like high unemployment, $1.4 trillion in debt. let's demonize those in the streets who are concerned about the direction america is going. this is no different than the 1960s. pat brown took out an ad against my father saying it was an actor who shot abe lincoln. they demonize those people who are nothing but ordinary citizens concerned about their country. megyn: we had rendell on this program and he's a democrat obviously. this an example of what he says. he got folks fired up at the university of pennsylvania warning about the government being taken over by whackos.
2:16 pm
he called some others in the republican party fruit loops. he referred to john boehner as the tan guy. and want to go do away with the 14th amendment. want to go do away with civil rights law. there are some tea party backed candidates who have to some extent endorsed those positions. 14th amendment getting rid of anchor babies. if you are born in the united states, even to an illegal wash an american. rand paul has taken interesting positions when it comes to the civil rights laws. then social security. you have candidates like joe miller in alaska talking about all but eliminating that program. >> the reality is, is that going to make its way through the
2:17 pm
congress? barack obama won't sign legislation of that nature. there are whackos on the left controlling both congress and the senate of the united states of america and look where we are. $1.4 trillion in debt this year, going up next we are. unemployment will probably go up even more. what they want to do is take the eye off the beautiful they running us into the ground. they want to put change back into the issue and give private sector back ability to put jobs out there in the public. right now the only people being given jobs are those in the public sector. megyn: let's just assume for purposes of this discussion that the candidates i mentioned, rand paul, sharron angle in nevada, and some -- joe miller on the left. let's assume they are whacko crazy snut jobs, ed rendell and
2:18 pm
on the woars have us believe. and they win come november. when you look at the republicans, the entirety of the republicans runing are for reelection this november, do they come anywhere near making up a big percentage of the republicans who want to go into office? >> no, they certainly don't. you have got mark kirk in illinois. not a member of the tea party. you have got meg whitman in california running for congress. if she beats barbara boxer, she may support it but she is not that tea party person out there. it shows you the republican party is the party of a big tent. it allows people in to give their views and opinions. it doesn't mean all those opinions will going to take effect tomorrow. the reason they are where they are today is because boik and the democrats have run this country completely into the ground.
2:19 pm
megyn: then is your view that this latest tactic -- is this the result of bad policies that have led to bad numbers for the democrats or the result of they genuinely fear the tea party and the candidates backed by the tea party? >> they fear the tea party candidates and the fact they will lose big time in november because those people have a voice. they are attached to the grassroots of the country. these are the people affected by what's going on in washington, d.c. tea partyers talk to the grassroots of the united states. this country gets back together on occasion when we build the country from the bottom up, not the top down. megyn: remember fox news is your elect headquarters. is on 24/7. log on for everything you need to know on the road to november.
2:20 pm
we have seen weeks of protests over the mosque near ground zero. but we'll show you what some muslim leaders overseas are say being this project, and you might be surprised. speaking about the top down, it seemed like thousands of men were searching the internet for barely dressed photos of britney spears. how is it one of her employees is suing saying he saw her naked and it scared him for life. the lawsuit, can't make this up.
2:21 pm
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
megyn: on second thought, never mind. that's in the town of riverhead
2:24 pm
on the east end of long island. they started using google earth to search for folks with illegal pools. those evil folks who don't get the permits. you are supposed to get the permits. residents flipped out calling it an egregious invasion of their privacy to use google to crack down on them. so the town council voted not to use town images, and now inspectors will have to go back to door to door duty. we are getting new reaction to the plans for this mosque near ground zero. this is coming from overseas. imam rauf says he regrets the pain this controversy has caused but the islamic center must move forward and it must happen at this location or he says there could be a backlash from the
2:25 pm
muslim world abroad. an explosion of anger is how i he put it. one influential muslim leader in france does not agree. gregg palkot spoke with him earlier. we are trying to connect him. he's in paris. the satellite feed just went down. now the magic of tv. gregg were what have we learned? i don't see you but i hear you. >> reporter: here in france he works hard working with others speaking out about what's happening in the states. he's the head of the biggest mosque in france. he is a moderate. he calls 9/11 a terrible moment in history.
2:26 pm
an has this counsel about the controversial ground zero months income new york. >> i think if the american people, especially new yorker citizens feel that as a provocation, i think that the wisdom has to not to be bad, but to be -- >> reporter: as for the topic you have been dealing with the last hour and a half, moving the mosque might just open a backlash in the community, he does not buy into that. megyn: he thick the mosque should be moved an thinks there should not be a backlash if it is. gregg palkot, thanks for doing the quick phoner. the question of the week. how to fix the economy. the president says tax more, spend more.
2:27 pm
republican leader john boehner says tax less, spend less. who is right? doug high, the communications director for the republican committee and the democratic committee join us. you don't often see these two go toe to toe, but you will live right after this break. a snake napping caught on tape. the thieves then take the stolen serpent to a fast food joint. >> it's dumb and dumber. he firs. ♪ i can't hold her hand on the bus. ♪ or be there to show everyone how great she is. but what i can do is give her everything she needs to be excited for school, while staying in my budget. that's why i go to walmart. she has everything she needs. and then some. [ female announcer walmart has low prices on not just a few things,
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[ man ] greatcall or click -- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. fr is good. [ man ] freestyle lite te strs. call or click today. megyn: the most destructive wild fire in colorado's history claiming a staggering price. covering nearly step square miles in the foothills near boulder. the fire is 30% contained. four people are missing followed heavy flooding in texas by tropical storm hermine. one woman's suv was washed right off the road. a judge's ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. it is the toughest question in america. how do we fix our economy
2:32 pm
without crushing our national debt? president obama this week called for new spending and a new tax hike. minority leader john boehner called for spending cuts and a new freeze on taxes. which is the best way to go? the communications director for the republican national committee and the communications director for the democratic committee. this should be fun. doug, i want to start with you. we watched president obama for 50 minutes outlining some of his economic proposals and taking aim at minority leader john boehner saying republicans have no plan and essentially what they want to do is take us back to before which got us into this mess. your thoughts. >> let's talk about the olden days.
2:33 pm
we'll talk about the early 1960s. our group the winston group put out a video of john f. kennedy calling for tax cuts. that's a message republicans agree with now, one we would wish we would hear from the democrats. but what we hear from the president, on the one hand he believes in lean government, but he wants to spend $150 billion. being from north carolina, brad is from north carolina, too. we saw a poll this week that showed how toxic the president and his policies are. andy give it'andy griffith's popularity is down because of his association with the president. megyn: jfk wanted tax cuts,
2:34 pm
great. president obama wants them as well, he just doesn't want them for the richest 2% of americans. he says they don't need it, they you give to it them they don't spend it. why can't the two parties agree at least on that? >> we see a lot of agreement. more and more democrats with senator ben nelson from nebraska said we shouldn't raise any tax. that is a position president obama espoused earlier when he said it would be foolish to raise taxes in a recession. keep spending in check and keep taxes where they are right now. megyn: brad, i'll give you a chance. >> could we start with a history lesson here? it was the republicans hat put in place the expiration of these tax cuts. so the extent that anybody's taxes changes it will be a result of policies they put in.
2:35 pm
megyn: the democrats in the house and senate could vote to change the and the president could sign it. >> why did they put an expiration of these tax cuts in place? they were trying to mask how much they exploded the deficit, which is exactly what they did. it's wrong to say the president's policies are to increase taxes and increase spending. he proposed tax breaks for companies that invest in plant and equipment to help create jobs. what the republic once wan -- ws want to do is extend tax breaks by borrowing money in china. megyn: why not extend the tax cuts two years across the board? >> i don't understand why people believe this president should be
2:36 pm
held to the policies of the previous president who drove the economy into the ditch. he's proposing tax breaks for small businesses for the middle class. why should we go with the policies that didn't do anything. megyn: but that's not going with the policies much president bush itments doing something this president's own budget director said is the deal that should be cut. you have got ben nelson, joe lieber maine, evan bayh and on thers coming out. extend the tax cuts for everybody. why not? >> because we are in a serious budget situation that was left by the republicans. we have a $234 billion budget surplus that bush inherited from clinton that became a $1.3 trillion deficit. now they want to extend $700 billion tax breaks for the
2:37 pm
wealthy. under mr. boehner's plan he would increase the debt by a trillion dollars over the next years. he's proposing $700 billion in additional deficits. megyn: economists say if we extend the tax rates for the so-called rich over the $250,000 level, it will cost $700 billion over the next decade. our debt went from $10 trillion to $18 trillion. >> we want to make sure the economy grows. i like talking about democrats. robber rice was on television. look at the jobs numbers and said there is no silver lining, the prognosis is bleak. i think we just got some bipartisan agreement. brad and i may disagree about
2:38 pm
what the proposal does. but congressman boehner made a proposal, republicans have put forth an idea. we introduced healthcare legislation and now we know democrats are not ignoring our ideas. if they want to debate them, that's fine. republicans have put ideas on the table, we'll continue to do that. megyn: i look at this budget -- i'm no economist -- >> neither are we. megyn: if you have a family member who is a spender? they are a spender. they are constantly hitting you up for dough. they are a bottomless pit. no matter how much dough you give them, they will come back asking for more. it's not the greatest idea to keep giving them dough. either you are a spender or you are not a spender. why should we support all this stimulus and another $50 billion on this and $30 billion on that.
2:39 pm
because we believe when we are dealing with spenders that we'll be throwing good money after bad. >> let's take a look at this. the president is paying for all these initiatives. this aggravates republicans. mr. boehner said the bill that passed teachers and firefighters cost about $26 billion. bit was paid for by eliminating a tax loophole that encouraged companies that ship jobs overseas and we shouldn't pay some keep teachers, firefighters and police officers on the streets. megyn: what about the $30 billion -- on and on it goes. we are pushing a trillion dollars. >> all these recent proposals are paid for by offsets on the other side. megyn: the recent proposals but we are already $18 billion in
2:40 pm
the hole in the first stimulus. >> i love listening to the democrats talk points on this. don't look at what we are doing. focus on john boehner, here is the key chain and we'll drive a car out of the ditch. if that many their messaging it shows republicans are in good shape and optimistic. >> our message is the republicans drove us into the ditch. when this president came into office he inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. doug can't dispute that. today the deficit is $1 $1.trillion. this president has not added to the deficit. megyn: the deficit has gone up 26%. >> you are talking about long-term debt projections. i'm talking about the deficit. he asked for a freeze.
2:41 pm
he proposed a freeze on non-security discretionary spending. so this president has done more to try to get control of spending of any president since clinton. >> in 2006 democrats took over the house and senate. they can't claim they didn't have anything to do with this. in the dnc wants to argue they are underdogs, when you control the house, the senate and the white house be you are not underdogs. coming up studio b with mr. shepard smith. shep: coming up at the top of the hour, there are some sheriffs in one state who say they need to know what medicine you are taking. if you are taking strong pain medications they say they want a list. they can stop the drug problems and make sure the right people have the right drugs. of course, that's not okay, is
2:42 pm
it? our judge will get into that at the top of the hour. megyn: at one point she was the most googled celebrity on the planet' some of those searches guys looking for inappropriate pictures. one guy got a peep show and he said it scared him so much he had to file a lawsuit. read up on the case on our "on the docket" section, then stay tuned next. ♪ let's take a look at the stats. mini has more than double the fiber and whole grain... ming him a great contender in thist... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a littlehort. you've got more whole grain in your little finger!
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megyn: "kelly's court" is back in session. on the docket is indecent proposals from the principle
2:46 pm
receives pop. britney's bodyguard saying he has been scared for life saying she wore revealing clothes or nothing at all. beckoning to her bedroom, and he once told her -- she once told him you know you like it. he says she beat them with a belt and exposed them to late-night hotel shenanigans in her hotel suite. so, this guy claims that the abuse went on and on and on. including that he said one time he called -- she called him into the room, she was wearing a white lace, see-through dress,
2:47 pm
she went over to pick up a cigarette lighter. he was shocked and disgusted. now he wants to get paid. should he? >> this poor little lamb. this creature. i can't believe he had to endure all of this. of course, he should not get paid. this is completely ridiculous. it's a serious subject, sexual harassment. when we see cases like this it tends to trivialize it. he talks when's traumatize by the slippage of britney out of her clothing. but when he talks about the children. he invokes the parade of horribles, all of these are allegations. that's not for him to say. that's for children's services to investigate which apparently they did and they cleared her. megyn: on the other hand, he has
2:48 pm
a long list of what he claims are facts much britney exposing herself and propositioning the guy while he was in her employ. if that is true, if he can prove that, can he prove sexual harassment? >> i think so. to me he's my hero? why? because for a long time i wanted to get the message to britney that the whole world does not need some see four who hah. >> speak for yourself. >> he's not a gynecologist. he's a security guard. megyn: the pictures of bring ity without her underwear on going out for cocktails were shown all over the world. is that a defense for her? >> yeah. this guy is not an accountant at ibm. he's a bodyguard for a celebrity
2:49 pm
who is notorious for doing these types of things. he's so disturbed the about it and traumatized and brings intentional infliction of emotional distress. that's a case where you call up somebody and said your parents were in a horrific tar accident. it turns out they are not, but you just want to hurt them. megyn: it's not this? she is standing maked. the lawsuit claims after an awkward silence, he asked her if she needed anything. after some hesitation spears asked him to go get her two bottles of seven up. >> i'm not getting it. >> what she needed was to put some clothes on. he is not an sorks b-gyn. all he has to prove is one what she did was offensive to him and two what she did would be offensive to a reasonable person. i think you have got that hands
2:50 pm
down. megyn: he speaks of the hostile work environment when he worked for her. he talks about how she wanted him to get her a slurpee. she swore at him and berated him in public when he encountered the delay and used the "f" word on him. >> this is a diva. this doesn't look like a cash grab. month after month after mow's employed by her. he see all these things. dose ledge she fired him because he did not do those things? he doesn't allege any of that. now he comes forward and said, look -- fit was like a crying game, if that's what he saw, i don't know if you got that reference -- megyn: i have got to go. this feels like a money grab.
2:51 pm
his allegations about the children have been found unreliable by children's services. his shock and horror seeing britney's naked body you complain and quit, i'm with you. but if it happens more you are not that innocent. call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. i have twins, 21 years old. each kid has their own path. they grow up, and they're out having their life. i really started to talk to them about the things that are important that they have to take ownership over. my name's colleen stiles, and my kids and i did our wills on legalzoom. [ shapiro ] we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at, we put the law on your side.
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planned parenthood in hot water. one of the chapters under a federal criminal investigation. another accused of overbilling the government to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. shannon bream has more in washington. >> shannon: this isn't any whistle blower making the claims about planned parenthood. overbilling $180 million in taxpayer dollars just in california. victor gonzalez was once the chief financial officer of
2:55 pm
planned parenthood in los angeles and says what he saw on the books shocked him. planned parenthood tells us the allegations in his lawsuit are false and were addressed by the state of california long ago. more on that in a second. planned parenthood trying to get the case thrown out on a procedural issue but gonzalez won the fight so this is headed to trial. one key piece of evidence, a california department of health services audit that listed just one planned parenthood affiliate in california with overbilling of $5.2 million in a singl sim fiscal single fisc. >> none of the other affiliates were audited and the legislature passed a bill that would white wash the planned parenthood practice going forward. they would be allowed to charge a marked up fee for the services. >> as the audit was going on,
2:56 pm
they said if we are forced to change the billing rates we can't survive financially. johnson sponsored a bill passed in 2004 that allows planned parenthood to inflate the markups for government reimbursement to continue operating in california. the whistle blower lawsuit concerns billing prior to the time the law was passed. we'll keep our eyes on that one,. >> four people missing, swept away in flash floods. tornadoes touching down all from a single tropical storm hundreds of miles inland. where the storm that slammed texas is heading now.
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
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